Police of Montenegro, Spain, Serbia, Croatia and United Kingdom seize 3.5 tonnes of cocaine, EUR 9.3 million, arrest 69 persons

    Podgorica, Montenegro (30 June 2015) — Montenegro’s Police Authority, in cooperation with the police of Spain, Serbia, Croatia and the United Kingdom, took part in an international police action, which was aimed at detecting and smashing a drug smuggling criminal gang.

    Over several months of joint efforts, 3.5 tonnes of cocaine and EUR 9.3 million were seized, and 69 persons were apprehended, 2 of whom were nationals of Montenegro.

    The international police investigation covered an organised criminal gang, whose members had been smuggling a large quantities of cocaine from South America intended for distribution in the EU market.

    By having taken active participation in the international police operation, Montenegro’s police showed once again it is a reliable and professional partner which continuously achieves measurable results in the fight against drug trafficking and other forms of international and transnational crime.

    The joint police action confirmed the importance and necessity of international operational and intelligence cooperation in combating all forms of crime.

    Source: Government of Montenegro