Press conference by Interior Minister Konjević following the protests in Podgorica, Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 October 2015) – “I wish to give recognition to Montenegro’s police for having protected the state property and public peace and order,” Minister of the Interior Raško Konjević told the press conference regarding tonight’s protests, organised by the opposition Democratic Front, in Podgorica.

    Fifteen police officers were injured during the protests, one of them suffered severe injuries, Minister Konjević noted. Furthermore, 24 citizens asked for medical help, mainly as a consequence of tear gas, which the police were forced to use in order to respond to the protests, which at one point turned violent, the Interior Minister explained.

    Protesters attacked the police by using rocks and Molotov’s cocktails, at the same time breaking through the protective fence, thus creating conditions for the police to undertake appropriate measures prescribed by the law.

    At several locations in the city, Minister Konjević explained, protesters actively resisted the police who managed to normalise the traffic and life in the capital of Montenegro.

    We promise that Podgorca will get back to the normal life tomorrow, he underscored.

    He concluded by voicing hope that representatives of political parties and the government will have enough strength to return the political dialogue into the Parliament.

    Minister Konjević confirmed that Andrija Mandić MP, President of the Democratic Front, has been detained.

    Chief of the Police Slavko Stojanović said he would like to give public recognition to police officers who succeeded in preventing the violence escalation, re-establishing the disrupted peace and order, and ensuring the integrity of the Parliament and other institutions of vital importance for Montenegro.

    Police acted in an honourable, professional, and responsible manner, Mr Stojanović emphasised.

    Source: Government of Montenegro