Prime Minister Đukanović attends meeting of ambassadors of NATO member states in Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (23 April 2015) – Prime Minister Milo Đukanović attended Wednesday the meeting of ambassadors of NATO member states in Montenegro, organised by the Embassy of Hungary to Podgorica, as a contact country for cooperation between NATO and Montenegro.

    Montenegro’s Prime Minister thanked the Embassy of Hungary on this initiative, as well as other embassies on continued support, and made some comments upon his visit to NATO Headquarters on April 15, highlighting particularly his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

    “Recent talks at the NATO Headquarters was an opportunity to make an overview of the results achieved so far and present the Government’s planned activities within the process of focused and intensified dialogue, while waiting for the invitation for NATO membership by the end of the year”, PM Đukanović emphasised. He Đukanović underlined that his visit was the most successful presentation of Montenegro when it comes to Euro-Atlantic accession process, stressing the high level of understanding and a very low level of open issues.

    The meeting at the NATO Headquarters commended Montenegro’s progress within the intensified and focused dialogue, and voiced support to Montenegro’s NATO bid, PM Đukanović underlined. The officials also commended Montenegro’s progress in the four key areas, particularly in the rule of law, stressing that NATO should continue cherishing the open door policy, PM Đukanović added.

    “Montenegro has made significant progress, it is committed to meeting requirements and it is willing to share common values with NATO Alliance”, the officials agreed. They added that Montenegro should continue the positive trend.

    PM Đukanović commended active role of the ambassadors from the NATO member states aimed at strengthening public support for Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance and confirmed his personal and the state institutions’ commitment to meeting this very important strategic foreign policy goal.

    The host of the meeting, Hungarian Ambassador to Montenegro Krisztian Posa stressed that Montenegro has a unique opportunity to receive NATO invitation letter between the two summits.

    “That is a great opportunity not only for Montenegro, but for the entire region as well”, Ambassador Poša pointed out.

    Source: Government of Montenegro