Prime Minister Đukanović hosts China’s Ambassador Cui Zhiwei

    PR Service Podgorica, Montenegro (13 January 2016) — Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro Cui Zhiwei.

    The Prime Minister congratulated the Government of China on the successful organisation of the “16 + 1” Summit held in Suzhou and Beijing last November, which drafted the medium-term plan of cooperation between China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe. He expressed his satisfaction with comprehensive discussions he had there with top Chinese officials – President Xi Jinping and President of the State Council Li Keqiang, which pledged commitment to further boost overall relations, especially the economic cooperation in infrastructure, energy and tourism. To this end, particular attention was paid to cooperation modalities, both bilateral ones and those that could be provided through the synergy of the “16 + 1” format and cooperation with the EU, thus enabling the implementation of capital projects, such as the Adriatic-Ionian highway.

    Ambassador Zhiwei thanked the Government and the Prime Minister for their contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between China and Montenegro, noting that the current relations are at an historic high and that there is great potential for their further improvement.

    The Embassy will make further efforts towards promoting Montenegro as an investment destination in China, Ambassador Zhiwei noted and announced the visit of a Sichuan delegation interested in building a tourist resort, which would significantly enhance tourism cooperation and encourage the establishment of charter flights between the two countries.

    With a view to defining new mechanisms of cooperation, the two officials proposed the establishment of a joint expert team to identify the development plan and cooperation priorities for evaluating the ongoing and potential investments, including major projects such as the Port of Bar.

    Both sides commended the quality and content of the overall cooperation and voiced willingness and interest to adequately mark the tenth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Montenegro and China during this year. In that regard, the meeting announced the visit of the Chinese Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs to Montenegro.

    Source: Government of Montenegro