Prime Minister Đukanović speaks at 10th jubilee GLOBSEC conference in Bratislava


    Bratislava, Slovakia (22 June 2015) – Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović spoke earlier today at a special panel discussion titled “Montenegro Knocking on NATO’s Door”, which was held within 10th jubilee GLOBSEC global security forum in Bratislava.

    He reiterated that the public support for joining NATO was about 46% on the eve of the summit in Cardiff, which was followed by a slight decline, since there was no invitation then.

    “After that, the Government intensified the membership campaign and support for NATO has been increased by 5% during the last month. We have conducted two opinion polls – according the survey conducted by a Belgrade-based agency, public support rose to 41%, whereas a survey conducted by a Montenegrin agency showed it was already 42%. At any rate, percentage of those opposing NATO is declining,” Prime Minister Đukanović underscored in Bratislava.

    He explained that if Montenegro held a referendum on joining NATO at the very moment, the option supporting the membership would win.

    “We do not think about organising the referendum. Our Constitution provides for taking the decision in the Parliament. However, we have not yet defined the way of deciding on the matter following receiving the invitation,” the Montenegro Prime Minister noted.

    He pointed out that Montenegro wants to be part of NATO because it wanted to continue pursuing European and Euro-Atlantic agenda, for the sake of promoting regional security and encouraging its progress towards the EU.

    “I think it is important for NATO to continue its prestige on the global stage. I think it is good for any organisation to have new members sharing the same values. In particular, I think it is significant for NATO to have such a member state that will represent an encouragement for other countries in the region,” PM Đukanović concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro