Prime Minister Milo Đukanović opens 2BS Forum 2015 in Budva, Montenegro


    Opening of 2BS Forum 2015 – Scenes

    Speech by Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović at the opening of 2BS Forum 2015

    Speech by NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Ted Whiteside at the opening of 2BS Forum 2015

    Speech by US Ambassador to Podgorica Margaret Ann Uyehara at 2BS Forum 2015 at the opening of 2BS Forum 2015

    Speech by President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro Savo Kentera 2BS Forum 2015 at the opening of 2BS Forum 2015

    Budva, Montenegro (05 June 2015) – Prime Minister Milo Đukanović opened earlier today in Budva the fifth To Be Secure Forum (2BS Forum), organised by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, under the auspices of the Government of Montenegro.

    In his address, PM Đukanović highlighted that over the last five years, the 2BS Forum has become an important address for discussions concerning security issues in this part of Europe. The Forum is a confirmation that Montenegro’s neighbours and partners appreciate the country’s contribution to regional stability and efforts towards pursuing European and Euro-Atlantic agenda, PM Đukanović emphasised. The fifth anniversary of the 2BS Forum makes it even more interesting, having in mind that Montenegro is expecting the NATO invitation by the end of the year, PM Đukanović added.

    Having in mind the critical momentum worldwide, particularly the Ukraine crisis and Arab Spring, the region is not immune to international threats and it cannot deal with these challenges on its own, PM Đukanović stated. Due to a lot of uprising threats, turmoil and unfinished processes which are continuously shaking this part of Europe, the region needs to preserve and protect its stability and security within the NATO security shield, but also within the EU, UN and OSCE through their own mechanisms, PM Đukanović stressed.

    Speaking of Montenegro’s place in the international community, PM Đukanović underlined that Montenegro as a small state which can have a secure future only as part of European and Euro-Atlantic community. That is the right way to achieve economic progress and prosperity of the society and the only guarantee that the mistakes and conflicts from near and distant past will not be repeated, he added.

    Montenegro shares standards and values with the EU and NATO and it belongs to the civilisation not only geographically, but also historically, Montenegro’s Head of Government underlined. In that regard, the story about the neutrality is just an illusion he pointed out.

    “We want to build a society based on democracy and the rule of law; a society of respect for human rights and freedoms, and a market economy. We want to share common values, to respect and protect territorial integrity and sovereignty and therefore story about the neutrality is pointless”, PM Đukanović stressed during his speech.

    Having in mind that Montenegro is the most serious aspirant country for NATO membership, the decision on inviting Montenegro to become a NATO member by the end of the year is of historical significance, PM Đukanović explained. It will be the most significant decision for the country since restoring independence, he added.
    Montenegro is working very hard to meet criteria from its European and Euro-Atlantic agenda and it is also making additional efforts towards strengthening the reform process, PM Đukanović said. The requirements arising from the EU negotiation chapters 23 and 24 are compatible with both integration processes and Montenegro will show that it has met the EU and NATO expectations, PM Đukanović noted.

    He also voiced his belief that Montenegrin citizens are willing to support NATO integration process and that their decision will be made upon the reasonable thoughts not emotions. The majority support is very important to show the citizens’ understanding that joining NATO is crucial for the Montenegrin security and the entire region, PM Đukanović stressed.

    “Without the full integration of the region into European and Euro-Atlantic structures the security picture of Europe would remain unfinished. Until then, the Balkans will remain “unfinished business” for NATO and the EU and I believe that the expected NATO invitation for Montenegro will show the willingness of the Alliance to show its’ commitment to the open door policy, PM Đukanović concluded in Budva.

    PM Đukanović’s speech at the opening of the Budva’s Forum can be downloaded here.

    Source: Government of Montenegro