Prime Minister’s Advisor Jovan Kojčić attends LGBT Focal Point Network meeting in Rome

    Rome, Italy (10 November 2014) – Prime Minister’s Advisor for human rights and National Coordinator for the Implementation of the LGBT Strategy Jovan Kojčić attended XII LGBT Focal Point Network meeting, which brought together representatives of European governments in Rome.

    Representatives of the European governments and international organisations presented activities aimed at improving rights of the LGBT population, as well as key activities and challenges the European states are dealing with in terms of improving legal and society framework for LGBT persons.

    The meeting’s participants particularly highlighted the importance of engaging local authorities in combating discrimination of the LGBT persons. They also discussed the best practice in this area coming from European states and the “Rainbow City” initiative for improving the quality of life of LGBT persons at the local level.

    Montenegro’s progress towards improving protection of human rights and freedoms was welcomed by all the participants of the meeting. Particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of the best practice and the Government’s efforts in creating the best models for the fight against discrimination.

    One of the topics on the meeting’s agenda was the IDAHO Ministerial Forum and Advisor Kojčić presented Montenegro’s activities concerning the presidency over the coming Forum, which will take place in Montenegro on 10 – 12 May 2015, and concentrate on hate crimes and violence.

    Source: Government of Montenegro