Prince of Wales visits National Museum of Montenegro

    Cetinje, Montenegro (18 March 2016) — As part of his official visit to Montenegro, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales visited the National Museum of Montenegro in Cetinje, Montenegro’s Old Royal Capital.

    During a very cordial conversation with the Prince of Wales, Minister of Culture of Montenegro Pavle Goranović voiced particular satisfaction over the visit in the year when Montenegro is celebrating two very important anniversaries: 10 years of independence and 1000 years since the death of Prince Vladimir.

    The Prince of Wales voiced interest in the Montenegrin culture and education opportunities. Minister Goranović informed him about the work of cultural institutions and visions for further advancement of culture in general, emphasising the significance of continuing the United Kingdom-Montenegro relations in that field.

    Accompanied by Minister Goranović, the Prince of Wales visited the Blue Chapel, where the famous icon of the Virgin Filermosa found its sanctuary, as part of the permanent exhibition at the Government House. He also visited the art gallery, where he was presented with an overview of the most important authours and works of art of unified Yugoslav territory until the mid-20th century, and modern Montenegrin artists, as well as the local contemporary art scene.

    Besides Minister Goranović, the Prince of Wales was also hosted in the National Museum of Montenegro by Pavle Pejović, director of the museum, Mirjana Dabović-Pejović, head of the Art Museum and Aleksandar Čilikov, art historian.

    During his visit to the National Museum of Montenegro, the Prince of Wales also met with Montenegro’s contemporary icon painters, who presented their works.

    Source: Government of Montenegro