Questions to Prime Minister session

    Podgorica, (26 March 2015) — Questions to the Prime Minister session was held Wednesday at the Parliament of Montenegro, where PM Đukanović faced the questions from MPs various topics significant for the country’s development.

    Montenegro has managed to find itself in front of the alliance’s door in a short period of time. The government is doing its best to position the process above daily political disagreements, as all the citizens regardless of their political affiliation will benefit from NATO accession, Prime Minister Đukanović noted answering to the question on the results achieved within intensified and focused dialogue over the past 6 months.

    “Our allies have confirmed their willingness to provide us with the support so we can continue our reform momentum in the sectors of defence and security, rule of law, and strengthening the public support. Furthermore, we agreed on the activities from intensified and focused dialogue which are being implemented in parallel with the MAP’s fifth cycle,” the Prime Minister stated.

    He also said that his visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels is scheduled for 15 April and that he will have a chance to address the North Atlantic Council’s meeting as well.

    Prime Minister Đukanović underlined that reform of the intelligence sector has been pursued in line with the planned dynamics. Montenegro has also adopted a set of laws aimed at reinforcing independency and efficiency of the judiciary, and fight against organised crime and corruption, and the strengthening of the military budget. The government has also made efforts towards further boosting trust between state institutions and the media.

    Montenegro’s Prime Minister noted that latest opinion polls have recorded an increase in the public support of 4-5% and now the support is at the level of 38%, which came as a result of a campaign that was intensified in early March.

    “It would be significant to involve parties that have different attitudes towards NATO in the dialogue in a constructive manner, and to discuss the issue of high importance for Montenegro without prejudice and daily political frictions, Mr Đukanović explained.

    He concluded by saying that the membership decision will certainly be of historical importance for Montenegro, but very important for the region, and for the Alliance as well.

    Source: Government of Montenegro