Request for Expressions of Interest for the sale of the Container Terminal and General Cargo at the port of Bar by the Government of Montenegro

    The Government of Montenegro has formally decided to privatise the Kontejnerski terminal i generalni tereti (“Container Terminal and General Cargo” – Joint-stock Company, hereafter called CTGC) at the port of Bar, sell its States shares (62%) and give CTGC a concession on the use of a port area. With this privatization the Government aims to develop its port sector and generate additional economic activity. The privatisation is supported by the EBRD, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

    The Government of Montenegro, through the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, now invites prospective bidders to submit an Expression of Interest in purchasing the government’s shares in CTGC.

    The CTGC shall be given a Reconstruct, Finance, Operate, Maintain and Transfer Concession Agreement (RFOMT) with a duration of 30 years.

    The successful purchaser will be expected to:
    a. Restructure the company CTGC;
    b. Install container handling cranes and terminal equipment;
    c. Reconstruct the terminal infrastructure;
    d. Operate and maintain the terminal facilities; and
    e. Transfer back the terminal assets at the end of the concession period.

    The Project will be awarded through international competitive public bidding following the rules and procedures prescribed under the Law on Concessions – January 2009. The bidding for the shares entails a two-phase procedure with a qualification phase and a proposal phase. In the qualification phase, prospective bidders will be selected based on minimum financial requirements regarding the company, and terminal development and operation experience set by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. Only bidders who qualify shall be invited to bid for the shares. Qualification criteria are:
    • The Candidate owns at least one container terminal and or controls one container terminal concession with a minimum annual throughput of hundred thousand (100,000) TEU/year. And,
    • The Candidate has handled two hundred thousand (200.000) ton/year of general cargo.
    • The Candidate is able to finance (by debt and or equity) a minimum amount of fifty (50) million Euro for funding the Project.
    • The Candidate is in a state of financial health.

    Prospective bidders are requested (for a 500 USD fee, bank account details are stated below) to order the Request for Qualification by E-mail from the address stated below. Prospective bidders must submit the qualification document by 1 August 2012, before 16:00 p.m.

    Contact person: Igor Banović

    tel.: +382 20 234 062

    fax.: +382 20 234-342, 234-331

    mob. tel.: +382 68 002 062

    Please pay as per instructions given below:

    Field 56A: SOGEFRPP

    (Intermediary) Societe Generale – Paris

    Field 57A: PDBPMEPG

    (Account with Inst) Podgoricka banka

    Societe General Group AD Podgorica


    (Beneficiary) ME25550005220000032317

    Field 70: obligatory

    (Remittance Information)

    Currency Bank SWIFT/BIC

    USD Societe Generale New York SOGEUS33

    Source: Government of Montenegro