Response by Veselin Veljović, Secretary of the National Security Council

    Democratic Front leadership, instead of accepting responsibility for the consequences, now uses the tried recipe for searching the culprit elsewhere by using imputation and deceit. I expect them to communicate publicly to the citizens of Montenegro and the Capital City of Podgorica who are the persons that were demolishing Podgorica, who are the persons that inflicted heavy injuries to police officers, journalists, citizens, and finally who are their political activists wearing balaclavas, hoods, and wooden sticks who charged at the police, threw Molotov’s cocktails, rocks, and other objects, and are supposedly at a peaceful protest gathering, standing on the front-lines with the approval of the organisers and the marshals.

    It is my perception that their statement is yet another unsuccessful attempt at manipulating, hiding the truth, and the fact that these were violent and destructive protests aimed at destabilising and taking down the constitutional and legal system of our country.

    I reject as untruthful the statements by the Democratic Front that I am behind the criminal groups and people wearing balaclavas who caused unrest and other criminal acts at the protest gathering held by the said political organisation.

    I believe that the competent authorities will ascertain the facts and responsibility in a lawful procedure and duly process the perpetrators of violence.

    Veselin Veljović, Secretary of the National Security Council

    Source: Government of Montenegro