Response to daily Dan’s article: Fabrications not “communicated from the Government”

    Podgorica, Montenegro (3 November 2014) — Montenegro’s daily Dan published an article earlier today entitled “Government sells company to bid rigging suspect,” containing the headline “Belgrade’s CPR Impex and Bulgaria’s Aheloy submit bids for sale of Montenegro Defence Industry.” The article contains some false and unfounded allegations implying that:

    1. the government of Montenegro is selling the “Montenegro Defence Industry” to a specific buyer as stated in the title;
    2. the consortium consisting of the companies listed in the headline and in the first sentence of the article has submitted a bid for the sale of the company;
    3. the daily Dan received information concerning this matter from the government or as claimed “in the government.”

    Montenegro’s government has issued a public call for participation in the public tender for the sale of 100% of the capital of “Montenegro Defence Industry”, which expired on 30 October 2014. The submitted bids have not yet been considered. Therefore, no information related to these bids could not have been communicated to the media “from the Government.”

    Moreover, there was no eastablished communication on this topic between the Dan’s journalist and president, vice president or secretary of the Council for Privatisation and Capital Projects nor president of the Tender Commission for Privatisation or the Public Relations Bureau of the Government.

    Therefore, the claim that anything regarding this matter “has been communicated from the government” to the daily Dan is completely unfounded, given the fact that no one other than the above mentioned entities are entitled to announce anything in relation to privatisation processes and procedures that are underway.

    As regard this public tender procedure, the public will be informed promptly and indiscriminately.

    The Law on Media stipulates that the media which published false claims should publish corrections detailing changes from the original publication.

    Public Relations Bureau of the Government of Montenegro

    Source: Government of Montenegro