Security of investment environment strong argument for NATO membership

    Podgorica, Montenegro (17 June 2015) — Working breakfast titled “NATO – Business Arguments,” sponsored by the NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team and Association of Managers of Montenegro, was held earlier today in Podgorica.

    As to economy sector, security, stability, quality of business and economic growth, with the added value the “NATO – Code” guarantees to all the companies operating according to established standards, are direct benefits of NATO membership, today’s meeting concluded.

    The meeting’s participants agreed that these and similar activities of the Communication Team of the NATO Membership Council contribute to raising awareness about the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration and expressed interest in continuing cooperation in order to prepare Montenegro’s companies to participate in the market worth more than $ 700 billion.

    The meeting was attended by 30 members of the Association of Managers of Montenegro, who were addressed by National Coordinator for NATO Vesko Garčević, President of the Association of Managers Budimir Raičković, Head of the Directorate for Standardisation and Codification in the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Marinko Aleksić, Ambassador of Hungary to Montenegro Christian Posa and Chief Executive Officer of EU-FIRE Ltd. Hungary Peter Kovacs.

    Source: Government of Montenegro