Senior police officer sustains severe injuries, 5 police officers slightly injured; Police use no coercion; person suspected of stoning PINK M TV apprehended

    Podgorica, Montenegro (18 October 2015) — Earlier this evening, participants of an unannounced public gathering in Podgorica, organised by the Democratic Front, were throwing stones, burning torches, bottles, metal and other objects at police officers in an attempt to break through the police cordon and protective fence near the parliament building. The police did not use coercive means against these persons although they have legal rights to do so.

    A senior police officer, who was hit with a rock, suffered severe bodily injuries, while five police officers were slightly injured. A participant of the gathering got sick after being hit probably with a rock intended for police officers. Police officers gave him the first aid and took him to a medical facility where minor injuries were ascertained.

    According to our information from the field, which are being checked out, participants of the public gathering also inflicted damage on a number of facilities and vehicles in the city center.

    Rapid and efficient police action resulted in identifying and detaining a person suspected of stoning the premises of PINK M Television. During the incident, a television’s employee sustained minor injuries. Police officers are taking activities in order to identify other persons who took part in stoning PINK M TV in the centre of Podgorica.


    Source: Government of Montenegro