Signing agreement with Eurojust to contribute to preparing Montenegro’s institutions for EU membership

    The Hague, the Netherlands (2 June 2015) — Agreement between Montenegro and Eurojust is expected to be concluded by the end of the year, Montenegro Justice Minister Zoran Pažin and leaders of the European Judicial Cooperation Unit concluded in the Hague earlier today.

    Voicing satisfaction with the cooperation established between Montenegro and Eurojust, the meeting underlined that the signing of the agreement will contribute to boosting cooperation and preparing Montenegro’s institutions for EU membership.

    Minister Pažin pointed out Montenegro’s commitment to combating crime with cross-border elements and improving judicial cooperation, evidenced by

    the fact that the Montenegrin judicial institutions have acquired observer status in all relevant European judicial networks.

    The agreement, which was initialed on 20 April 2015, defines the extent of cooperation between Montenegro and the European body, establishes the competent body for its implementation and identifies modalities for exchanging information, with an emphasis on issues of privacy and personal data protection and security data.

    The agreement will promote cooperation in the field of justice and law enforcement with EU member states and other countries that have concluded similar agreements with the Eurojust.

    Source: Government of Montenegro