Statement by Chief of Security Centre in Podgorica Jovica Rečević regarding this evening’s protest organised by the Democratic Front

    Podgorica, Montenegro (24 October 2015) – Following the press conference held earlier today in the Ministry of the Interior, Chief of Security Centre of Podgorica Jovica Rečević gave a statement regarding this evening’s protest organised by the Democratic Front.

    Mr Rečević said that the Police Authority possesses information indicating there could be some incidents tonight, but noted the police are taking the necessary actions in order to investigate them and take them into account in drawing up the plan for the upcoming public gathering. “In order to avoid any kind of incidents and preserve peace and order, I held a meeting with the manager of the protests Mr Milutin Đukanović and gave him clear directions as to the observance of legal regulations necessary for maintenance of peace and stability in the country“, Mr Rečević explained.

    Mr Rečević reiterated that events occurred on 17 and 18 October disrupted the public order and peace and that the police officers were attacked by individuals hurling stones, burning torches, throwing bottles, metal pieces, and other objects, noting that several officers suffered bodily injuries. In that regard, Mr Rečević urged the organisers to act according to the law and ensure the rules are being followed in order to avoid incidents and maintain the peaceful nature of the public gathering. The citizens willing to participate in the public gathering should behave in accordance with the law and protest in a non-violent and democratic manner, he added.

    The interest of all of us in charge for preserving peace and order in the country and all the citizens is to make sure there are no incidents, Mr Rečević explained. The Police Authority officers will take all the necessary measures before, during, and after the public gathering to maintain peace and order, he stressed.

    The Police Authority is obliged to protect personal integrity and property rights of all the citizens in Montenegro, regardless of whether they will be attending the gathering, Mr Rečević emphasised. He added that the police officers will also take care of the integrity of their colleagues, with a particular emphasis on preserving the constitutional order in the country.

    “Although we do believe this public gathering will be peaceful, the officials from the Police Authority and the Ministry of the Interior are fully prepared to preserve and protect the constitutional order and committed to act decisively and within the police powers guaranteed by the Constitution if any activities contrary to the law do occur,” Mr Rečević pointed out.

    Source: Government of Montenegro