Statement by Deputy Prime Minister Marković: Prosecutor and police should check claims in shortest possible time frame

    Podgorica, Montenegro (7 July 2015) — I reject entirely the allegations made by police officer and political activist Predrag Šuković and published by Montenegro’s daily DAN on 5 July 2015, according to which I took part in cigarette smuggling and other criminal activities, which, in the police officer’s words, “were covered by his researches”.

    I would like to inform the public that I have sent a letter to the chief state prosecutor and interior minister on 6 July 2015 – before these allegations became politically exploited by some opposition politicians, reading that the claims made by the police officer should be checked in the shortest possible time frame with a view to establishing the truth.

    I also mentioned that, as a longtime director of the National Security Agency, then deputy prime minister and coordinator of the Bureau for Operational Coordination of Security Services, I have not been familiar with the claims saying that an alleged Mojkovac criminal clan exists and operates, and that it had never been treated in security terms in any strategic or operational document, but it is quite obviously a political manipulation.

    So far I have not made public statements concerning the rough fabrication and untruth, given the fact that these allegations had been made by a police officer, who is also a well-known blogger who uses a pseudonym in his attempts to compromise holders of important posts in the state. This is a circumstance that afflicts professional standards and code of ethics.

    On this occasion, I publicly encourage police officers Šuković, who I do not know, to forward all the evidence he supposedly possesses to the Prosecutor’s Office.

    If there are facts or evidence, even a reasonable suspicion that the claims may be true, then I am not worthy not only to be deputy prime minister, but also to have any engagement in public administration. But, if it is determined that the allegations are untrue and unfounded, then the same rule should apply to the person who made them.

    This should be understood as one of a few opportunities to stop criminal activities of one of the country’s top officials or put an end to the practice of arousing personal and political conflicts once and for all.

    Podgorica, 7 July 7, 2015

    Duško Marković,

    Deputy Prime Minister

    Source: Government of Montenegro