Statement by Minister of Defence of Montenegro Milica Pejanović-Đurišić

    Statement by Minister of Defence of Montenegro Milica Pejanović-Đurišić on the occasing of NATO decision to extend a membership invitation to Montenegro

    It is my pleasure to voice personal satisfaction over the successful completion of this stage of the Euro-Atlantic accession process and to congratulate all the citizens of Montenegro on NATO invitation.

    I would like to thank NATO member states for their trust and for reaching an unanimous decision to invite Montenegro be part of the Alliance.

    This is a great opportunity for me to thank all the employees of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Montenegro and congratulate them on the progress achieved and their commitment to work in a responsible, professional and effective manner.

    For me, as the Minister of Defence of Montenegro, today’s decision of NATO member states is not a surprise. It is an expected epilogue of the long-standing and challenging period in which Montenegro has shown its commitment, strong will and political maturity.

    NATO invitation confirms Montenegro’s progress in the defence sector, as well as in many other areas important for the evaluation of the level of readiness for joining the Alliance. We have fulfilled all the requirements and standards, implemented all substantial reforms in security and defence sectors, and accepted challenges within the intensified and focused talks with NATO. Confidence the 28 members of NATO showed by extending the invitation testifies to the quality of the reforms the country has implemented.

    I am deeply convinced that Montenegro’s new status in the collective defence system will contribute to strengthening institutions, the rule of law and overall democratic development of our society. It will also contribute to the stabilisation of the region and Europe we belong to according to all the civilisation values we jointly cherish and share.

    Source: Government of Montenegro