Statement by Montenegro’s Foreign Ministry regarding DPM of Russia Dmitry Rogozin’s claims

    Podgorica, Montenegro (13 January 2016) – Regarding Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin’s interview with the “Sputnik” web portal in which he noted, among other things, that Montenegro will regret joining NATO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro issues the following press statement.

    Montenegro’s accession to NATO is in our citizens’ best interest and is not directed against anyone. Therefore, it is not on third parties to express their opinion on our country’s home affairs.

    All public opinion polls conducted in recent months have shown a steady growth and unquestionable support for membership in NATO, which is the result of a comprehensive and meaningful dialogue being conducted in the Montenegrin society. Therefore, the statements that no opinion polls had been conducted at all and that decisions are being made by a small number of people are untrue.

    Montenegro, as an independent and sovereign state, is pursuing a development policy in order to strengthen stability and security, further economic development and quality of life of the citizens. In that regard, guided by national interests, we remain persistent and committed to achieving our strategic foreign policy objectives, namely membership in the European Union and NATO.


    Source: Government of Montenegro