Statement by VeskoGarčević, Montenegro’s National Coordinator for NATO

    We did an in-depth analysis of the original recording of the statement given by France’s President François Hollande following his meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. We wish to note that it was given in the context of a discussion that centred on the crisis on European soil. We also contacted a number of our partners, whose said they share our view on the matter.

    We reiterate that intensified and focused talks with Montenegro have been launched at the NATO Summit in Wales, following a decision by NATO member-states, France included, on the grounds of our results and progress in Euro-Atlantic integration. This is a process that has put our country in a specific position, as the member-states have taken up an obligation to decide on Montenegro’s membership by the year’s end.

    In the meantime, nothing has happened that would alter the Wales decision or the member-states’ positions. Montenegro continues pursuing actively the activities aimed at meeting the outstanding commitments in the run-up to the invitation.

    Source: Government of Montenegro