Sweden welcomes Montenegro’s role and contribution to regional stability, Foreign Minister Wallstrom says

    Munich, Germany (7 February 2015) — Montenegro’s pace of accession negotiations with the EU makes it a leader in the region, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom told Prime Minister Milo Đukanović earlier today on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference.

    Sweden strongly supports the enlargement process and encourages Montenegro to keep up the reform and development momentum in all areas, she pointed out.

    The Prime Minister said the two countries have developed good relations, which can create a good basis for strengthening cooperation in many fields, especially in economy. He confirmed his government’s commitment to implementing reforms, with the aim of improving quality of life of citizens on the path towards EU and NATO structures.

    Foreign Minister Wallstrom said that, although Sweden has a neutral position in relation to NATO, it respects Montenegro’s commitment in that regard and welcomes its role and the contribution to regional stability.

    Source: Government of Montenegro