“There is very strong case for Montenegro to be next member of NATO,” UK prime minister David Cameron says

    Bratislava, Slovakia (21 June 2015) — “There is a very strong case for Montenegro to be the next member of NATO. We supported that at the successful NATO conference we hosted in Wales. I believe it will be a very big feature in the upcoming NATO discussions,” UK Prime Minister David Cameron said at the GLOBSEC conference in Bratislava.

    He in particular pointed out the significance of domestic political consensus and public support for the NATO bid.

    “NATO membership is a very important move for a country, very important set of obligations and it needs to have the strongest possible domestic support. So when the country takes the step, the greater the political consensus, public consensus behind membership, the better. The greater consensus you can have about these things, the greater role your country can play in NATO, and the greater support other members will be able to give you,” Prime Minister Cameron concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro