There will be no more room for being both in power and opposition, PM Đukanović says at Parliament’s vote of confidence session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 January 2016) – “It is clear that, after this session, there will be no more room for those who are accustomed to being, at the same time, in power and in opposition. More specifically, to be in power because of all the benefits the status brings to them and, in parallel, to be clumsily disguised support for those who undermine the government, not taking into account the detrimental effects on national interests of Montenegro,” Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović said at the Parliament’s session on vote of confidence to the current government.

    Explaining the Government’s reasons for launching the vote of confidence in the Parliament, the Prime Minister underlined that “the initiative is a valuable proof of moral and political responsibility of the executive power in Montenegro,” stressing that “only irresponsible and power-hungry people would remain silent about the claims made by relevant political stakeholders in Montenegro that the government has no legitimacy.”

    The immediate reason for the initiative were the claims made by senior officials of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), a part of the ruling coalition, that, due to the loss of political support, the current government is of technical character.

    “Ever since the completion of the presidential elections in 2013, the disturbance in the functioning of the Government’s coalition has been quite visible,” he stated.

    Such political relations have further intensified differences referring to the model of economic development, primarily in terms of reliance on foreign investment, thus putting the achievement of some vital state interests at grave risk, PM Đukanović underscored.

    “The differences led to the postponement or cancellation of a certain number of agreed investment arrangements with reputable international partners,” the Prime Minister explained, which, in his words, resulted in the loss of hundreds of jobs in tourism and service sectors and reduced incentives to possible economic growth and improvement of the standard of living of citizens.

    “Deep political conflicts in the ruling coalition have led to increasingly frequent ad hoc interest arrangements, notably in the Parliament,” he stressed.

    According to the Prime Minister, all opposition parties, during this mandate of the Parliament, have experienced internal conflict and divisions, including the SDP, thus enabling the parties that did not even participate in elections to obtain parliamentary status.

    “All this mess, primarily the disunity of the ruling coalition, made it possible for the parliament to pass solutions which were inconsistent or contrary to the spirit of our system, without the consent of the Government,” he said.

    By the same token, the situation enabled a set of electoral law to be passed, new social and protection rights to be created, budgetary spending to be increased and crucial economic interests of the country to be jeopardised, the Prime Minister explained.

    “This meant the violation of the division of power prescribed by the Constitution. In a word, everyone has become the executive power – some in a regular way, through elections, and some though interest combinations in the Parliament,” he noted.

    Such an inconsistency was tolerated by the authorities for the sole reason of obtaining an invitation for NATO membership, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović emphasised in the Parliament of Montenegro earlier today.

    Source: Government of Montenegro