Tourism Minister Gvozdenović attends Munich Business Forum: Montenegro to boost cooperation with Bavaria, one of strongest economies in Europe

    Munich, Germany (13 November 2015) – Intensified economic cooperation with Bavaria, one of the strongest economies in Europe, as well as additional efforts in boosting influx of German tourists will be in the focus of the Government’s priorities in the coming period, Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development Branimir Gvozdenović emphasised during the Business Forum which takes place in Munich.

    Minister Gvozdenović presented Montenegro’s tourism and investment potentials, emphasising the importance of German market for the both aspects. Having in mind the importance of German tourism market, one of the main objectives is to increase the number of German tourists in the coming period within an active approach and efforts in improving the air traffic.

    Exchange of good practices, knowledge and standards between Montenegro and Germany is important and turned out right in the case of the privatisation of Montenegrin Telecom and many other projects, Minister Gvozdenović underlined, adding that presence of German investors and capital is very significant for the country.

    The officials attending the Forum stressed the importance of increasing influx of German tourists visiting Montenegro, particularly emphasising the fact that this year registered a record growth of 50% comparing to 2014.

    The Business Forum is organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development of Montenegro, Consulate General of Montenegro in Munich and German Chamber of Commerce.

    Source: Government of Montenegro