Transport Minister Brajović participates in conference on integration of regional infrastructure in Belgrade

    Belgrade, Serbia (9 December 2015) — Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajović participated in the ministerial conference on the integration of regional infrastructure titled “Corridors for the Future,” which was held in Belgrade. The conference was divided into two panel discussions: regional infrastructure integration and financing of regional infrastructure projects.

    Minister Brajović participated in the first panel and spoke about the infrastructure as the basis for economic development of the region, current regional satellite projects, plans for 2016, as well as about the experience in using domestic resources.

    Speaking about regional projects which are important for Montenegro, he stressed that the construction of the first section of the Bar – Boljare highway, as part of the SEETO Route 4, is underway.

    “This is the road that should connect Montenegro, from the Adriatic coast through Podgorica to the border with Serbia, and through Belgrade-Požega road with TEN-T Corridor X and Romania, Hungary and Central Europe. When we look at the integrated approach, the highway will enable the Port of Bar to be fully connected to the rest of European corridors, with the aim of better meeting the needs of Kosovo and Serbia,” Minister Brajović explained, adding that this project will contribute to economic and political stability in the region, and that is why it plays an important strategic role for the entire region.

    With regard to other projects, Minister Brajović referred to the Adriatic-Ionian multimodal corridor, i.e. the construction of a coastal variant of the corridor or fast road along the Montenegrin coast, the reconstruction of the Bar-Belgrade railway, and the reconstruction and modernisation of the Podgorica-Tuzi- border with Albania railway. He underlined that air transport is also significant for Montenegro’s development, and that the investment in airport infrastructure have been carried out in line with the Airport Development Master Plan of Montenegro by 2030 and international standards of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation.

    Source: Government of Montenegro