Voilence and traffic blocade during Podgorica protest will not be allowed, Police Chief Slavko Stojanović says

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 September 2015) – Montenegro’s Police Authority approved the holding of the protest organised by the opposition Democratic Front (DF) opposite the parliament buliding in Podgorica on 27 September, Head of the Police Authority Slavko Stojanović stated at today’s press conference. The police will not allow the holding of the protest at any other location, as well as any attempt of roads and traffic blocade, Mr Stojanović stressed, adding that any act of violence is be sanctioned. He believes the organiser will fully comply with all that is required by the Law on Public Assembly, and that the public gathering will be peaceful and democratic.

    The police director said that organisers were also told that eventual maintenance of similar gatherings in other towns of Montenegro must comply with the prescribed legal procedures, such as timely registration, as well as other obligations prescribed by the law.

    Police Director Stanojević explained that in case of disruption of public peace and order, police officers will decisively take all necessary legal actions to prevent criminal acts and offenses, and preserve stable public and order. Any attempt of violence, inciting riots or attacks on police officers and institutions of the system will be prevented and punished. In that regard, police officers will undertake all necessary steps and coercive measures to protect constitutional order, private and state property, as well as the citizens who will not take part in the public gathering, he underscored.

    Mr Stojanović concluded by saying that he expects citizens and property owners living and working in the vicinity of the protests venue, as well as all the citizens of Podgorica, to show understanding, support, patience and trust.

    Source: Government of Montenegro