We recongise Montenegro’s potential, wish to see it within NATO and EU structures, US Ambassador Brown says

    Podgorica, Montenegro (4 February 2015) – Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today US Ambassador Sue K. Brown on her farewell visit.

    Prime Minister Đukanović thanked the US Ambassador for her work, personal contribution and support in boosting relations between the two countries during her diplomatic mandate in Montenegro. Highly assessing overall relations between Montenegro and the United States, Prime Minister Đukanović said that the support provided by the United States was of crucial importance in times when Montenegro was keeping peace and multiethnic harmony, as well as nowadays in terms of European and Euro-Atlantic accession, democratic and economic development of our country. The Prime Minister pointed out that Montenegro deserved such support by pursuing responsible policy and remaining committed to the reform processes and promotion of democratic values in the region.

    Highlighting the success of the policy of integration into Euro-Atlantic structures, PM Đukanović reiterated that his government is determined to offer to its international partners enough arguments which would make them send an invitation to Montenegro to join NATO by the end of the year.

    “The government’s efforts in the future will be primarily focused on further improving the rule of law and maintaining a good pace of economic development,” the Prime Minister stressed.

    US Ambassador Brown pointed out the United States will continue to provide strong support to Montenegro, both bilaterally and in terms of integration processes.

    She noted that the United States recognise Montenegro’s potential and wish to see it within NATO and EU structures, adding that, despite all the challenges, Montenegro has showed high commitment and vision that will lead to its full membership in NATO. Appreciating results of the reform process, including those in the field of security and the rule of law, the United States will encourage and assist Montenegro in achieving its strategic objectives, Ambassador Brown underlined, voicing belief that Montenegro will be able to demonstrate willingness for NATO membership and get an invitation to join the Alliance.

    Ambassador Brown commended Montenegro’s constructive role and its contribution to the Western Balkan’s security. She also thanked Prime Minister Đukanović for his leadership, vision and involvement in running the state.

    Both sides voiced satisfaction over established bilateral relations, expecting the partnership to be strengthened through cooperation on implementing projects of Montenegro’s economic development.

    Source: Government of Montenegro