1.8 million spent on advertising

#ParliamentaryElections #CentreForDemocraticTransition(Cdt)


Political parties spent more than 1.8 million euros on commercials during the campaign ahead of parliamentary elections on October 16, according to the data of the Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT) and the company Archimedes.

It was noted from the CDT that the official discounts, which were provided by the media for multiple advertisments, was also considered when calculating the price of advertising.

“Our estimate is that the total spent was more than 1.8 million euros. Advertising recorded in the content of the print media had a total value of 320,962 euros, and the value of ads recorded in the advertising content of the TV stations has reached 1,502,772 euros,” said the CDT.

They said that 397 ads of political parties were published in the print media, while the TV stations broadcasted 5,043 commercials.

“These amounts do not include the Radio-Television of Montenegro (RTCG) which has a legal obligation to publish parties’ads for free. Together with the RTCG, the amount of advertising on TV stations amounts to more than 2 million euros. It is the economic cost of these commercials,” it was explained from the CDT.

They pointed out that the largest number of commercials was recorded on TV Atlas, which broadcasted 1,797 commercials in the reported period, a 36% of the total number of ads broadcasted in the content of the TV station.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro