12 persons arrested, 3 suspects out of Montenegro

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By order of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, 12 persons for cases Melgonija – Primorka Bar have been arrested this morning.

A warrant of arrest was issued for three other person, who currently are not available.

It was pointed out from Prosecutor’s office that the suspects are charged with the criminal offense – abuse of authority in economy, abuse of authority in economy through the encouragement or by aiding and abuse of office committed in an organized manner.

“There is reasonable suspicion that the plan of the criminal organization was to use two legal entities from Podgorica and one legal entity from Bar in the programmed bankruptcy ‘Primorka’ Bar, for buying the assets of the company on favorable terms, which would grant credits financed by a bank “, announced the Prosecutor’s Office.

It is also suspected that in a business plan “it was falsely shown the status and results of operations of those companies, as well as a plan that the loans would be used for reviving production in “Primorka “and paying obligations to workers who lose their jobs, in order to gain the help of the Government, which had not been used for the purpose for which it was given, but for the repayment of the loan. ”

Source: Radio Television Montenegro