‘’13th July award means to have Montenegro mark “


The 13th July award, the biggest state prize, is presented today to the sculptor Miodrag Scepanovic, Professor David Kaljaj and Dr. Svetozar Savić.

The award for this year’s laureates was presented by the President of the Assembly of Montenegro, Ivan Brajovic, at the ceremony in Vila Gorica.

Brajovic said that there were people on all the Montenegrin roads who knew how and were telling where to go. They were and will be a mirror and a sign of progressive Montenegro,” Brajovic said.

He added ‘’they all know that the 13th July Award means to have the mark of Montenegro, to carry the burden of the challenges and the decisions, and I am happy for the fact that these people have become the monument of the famous Montenegro.”

“I would like to thank the winners of the 13th July Award for creating among us, I would like to congratulate them and want them to have long artistic and scientific work during the long and prosperous progress of Montenegro in the 21st century,” Brajovic said.

The decision on this year’s laureates was issued on June 26 by the Jury whose chairman was Gojko Kastratovic, and members Ilija Vujosevic, Igor Lakic, Miomir Vojinovic and Asim Dizdarevic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro