2,047 Montenegrins applied for asylum in Germany

2.047 Montenegrin citizens requested asylum in Germany in first six months of this year, it was said to Mina agency from thr Federal office for immigration and refugees.

PR of this German institution, Kira German, said that since January until the end of June, asylum was requested by 2.047 Montenegrins, which is two thirds more than during the entire last year, when there were 1.269 requests.

According to her, out of 749 applications that were processed in first six months, asylum was approved for 0.1 percent of the persons while 581 were denied.

As she explained, positive decisions are related to seekers who received political asylum, refugee protection, subsidiary protection, or who stayed in Germany based on a clause that forbids deportation.

As German explained, out of 868 applications from last year, nobody received protection, and 646 were denied.

Asked whether it is true that asylum seekers from Balkans that have no basis for requesting asylum will soon be deported to their own countries, she answered affirmatively.

“I can confirm that those applicants will soon be returned to their countries of origin. These applications are a priority now, applicants are staying in Reception centers which makes it easier to process the requests and when and if the protection is denied, to send the seekers home more quickly”, German explained.

She also reminded that he possibility of giving less money to seekers from Balkans is being discussed in order to discourage them.

Emigration of citizens of Montenegro, especially from the north of the country, is a problem that has been pointed out by NGO’s and some political subjects in last couple of months.

According to latest data from NGO Euromost, 5.620 Montenegrin citizens left from Montenegro to Germany.

Governemnt said that the problem of emigration was overly polticized and that in a smaller extent it exists for years.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro