22.616 voters deleted

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528.817 Montenegrin citizens will have the right to vote at the parliamentary elections on 16 October, show the data of the numerical tabulation of changes in the electoral roll.

According to the information of the Ministry of Interior, compared to the electoral roll from April 2013, right before the presidential elections, an increase of 17.412 voters was registered.

The number of newly registered voters is 38.201, from which most have gained the passive right to vote by reaching majority- 31.381. The number of citizens who have acquired the right to vote based on residence registration in Montenegro is 3,434.

“The number of voters who have gained the right to vote by acquisition of Montenegrin citizenship is 3,386,” shows the tabular view of the the MUP.

It also states that in comparison to the last elections 22,616 people were deleted from the electoral vote. The largest number was deleted on the grounds of deaths (22,086). Upon termination of Montenegrin citizenship 375 voters were deleted from the electoral roll.

The number of voters who have changed the name is 11,291, while 92 of them changed identification number.

The number of voters who changed the date of application of the last residence is 4,428, while number of those who have changed the date of residence in Montenegro is 4.778.

“The number of voters who changed the polling station is 121,176,” shows the table view submitted to the media by the MUP.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro