29 charges of corruption in 11 months

From January 1 to December 1 of this year, the Police Administration has received 29 reports of corruption by the citizens of Montenegro, said Tamara Popovic, the advisor for Public Relations of the Police Administration.

On the occasion of the International Day of Fight Against Corruption, she said that the fight against corruption is one of the priorities in their work and activities.

Stating that citizens of Montenegro can anonymously report the corruption, Popovic said that it is very important to obtain relevant information from citizens when it comes to corruption.

“Police Administration received 29 reports from January 1 to December 1 this year, which is more when compared to last year, when there were 13 reports. Competent prosecutors are aware of all reports”, Popovic told reporters after action in which the officers of the Police station for traffic safety of the Security Center Podgorica distributed flyers “Stop corruption”.

She said it was interesting to know that, out of 29 applications, only two were anonymous.

Popovic also said that Police Administration is undertaking activities in detecting, preventing and combating corruption offenses in cooperation with prosecutors.

Popovic said that corruption is not only a problem of one society, but it has an international character, which is why the Police Administration has urged citizens to report the corruption.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro