30 years in prison each for murder of Scekic

By the judgement of the Appelate Court, Sasa Boreta, Ljubo Bigovic, Milan Scekic and Ljubo Vujadinovic were sentenced to 30 years in prison each for the murder of police inspector Slavoljub Scekic. The Court of Appeal thus upheld an earlier High Court judgment. Alan Kozar was sentenced to six years and ten months, which he already served.

As stated, the Court of Appeal rejected the appeals filed by the accused. This is the fourth verdict in this case, and the first trial began in March 2007.

Sasa Boreta and Ljubo Bigovic were sentenced to 30 years in prison for incitement to murder inspector Slavoljub Scekic. LjuboVujadinović and Milan Cila Scekic were given the same sentence for the murder of Scekic.

Defense lawyer Dragoslav Ognjanovic said he was shocked by the judgment of the Appellate Court. He also announced a new appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Sister of the murdered inspector Slavoljub Scekic, Slavica Scekic said she was pleased with the verdict. She also said she sees no reason for further complaints, because, as she said, the guilt of those convicted was proven long ago.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro