314 million of foreign investment in 11 months

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that the Government considers this year as successful, saying that continuity of success on the main coordinates of the state policy from 2013 are ensured.

Montenegro, said the prime minister, continues to be a successful promoter of Euro-Atlantic values in the Western Balkans.

“We expect the economic growth in 2014 to be slightly above two percent, lower than we had planned but more than at the neighbors, more than in the eurozone, more than in the European Union”, he said in an open session of the Government held in Cetinje, stating that number of employees is increased by 3,000.

The Prime Minister said that today we are even more convinced that the path of prosperity of our country is in NATO integration. Djukanovic said that decision to invite Montenegro for NATO membership by the end of 2015 is encouraging.

“Achieving this goal is directly linked to the economic growth of the country”, Djukanovic is assured.

He said that economy remained the focus of the current government in the second half of the mandate. The Prime Minister reminded that public revenues increased by 8.9 percent.

“The budget deficit was only 0.7 per cent of GDP which is one of the most favourable data in Europe”, said Djukanovic.

He pointed out that despite the crisis, we managed to increase the amount of direct foreign investments, amounting to 314 million in the first 11 months of this year, which is 17 percent more than in the same period last year.

Talking about the reform of the education system, Djukanovic said that commitment to give required impetus to this this process through further reform profiling of the StateUniversity is the epicenter of this topic and responsibility of Government of Montenegro.

The government, he said, has announced a different approach from the traditional, which, “under the guise of academic autonomy left unacceptably large space for irresponsibility both at the University and the founders”.

The Prime Minister said it is realistic that three new banks and one microfinance institution start operating in 2015. The government has continued, as he said, to encourage entrepreneurship and balanced regional development.

Priority of the state, as he said, is the construction of the motorway Bar-Boljare, which, as he argues, is the most valuable infrastructure project in the history of Montenegro. It will reduce regional differences, but also create jobs.

Speaking of the second block of the power plant Pljevlja, the Prime Minister said that conditions are being created to quickly select partners to build this strategic project. When it comes to oil and gas exploration, he said that six companies have shown interest.

“According to the submitted offers, companies planned to invest about one hundred million euros in research”, announced Prime Minister Djukanovic, stating that more than seven million is invested in the field of wood processing.

He said that we will soon be witnesses of modern tourist resorts that will enrich the tourist offer and the image of Montenegro.

The Prime Minister said that the estimated revenues from tourism amounted to 704 million euros: “By the beginning of November there was 1.5 million euros in Montenegro”.

The Prime Minister said that results in agriculture, forestry and waterpower engineering are encouraging, stating that more than 700 jobs was created with an investment of 12 million euros.

Great attention, prime minister reminded, was given to the further improvement of the maritime economy. Thus, the fleet increased by two more ships in the company Barska plovidba.

He announced that the key corridors of government policies will remain the same in 2015. He also pointed out that the promotion of the rule of law will be an important part of the state policy in the coming year.

“Heightened sense of legal security will be priority for further continuation of investment and entrepreneurship,” said Djukanovic, stating that acceleration of economic growth in the next year and in the future is real.

The growth rate, the prime minister said, should not be below four percent. He believes that we will not have problems with financing the highway project and that we will reliably preserve fiscal stability. The Prime Minister also expects, as he said, a further employment growth in the coming year.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro