38 parents fined for refusing to have their children vaccinated

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Health inspectors will submit 38 requests for misdemeanour proceedings against parents or guardians who refused to have their children vaccinated against infectious diseases, the Inspection Affairs Administration told Pobjeda.

This institution explains that last month, the inspectors carried out 33 checks in private and public health institutions. Non-vaccination of children is only one of the irregularities they registered.

“Irregularities were mainly related to incomplete medical records, lack of respect of working hours, then the issuing of drugs without a proper prescription and non-vaccination of children”, the administration stated.

According to the draft law on protection of population against infectious diseases, the parents who did not have their children vaccinated may be fined €100 to €2,000.

The draft law stipulates that children who attend kindergartens and schools as well as orphanages shall be vaccinated against ten infectious diseases. The exceptions are made in case of children who have medical contraindication.


Under applicable law, vaccination against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, epidemic mumps, rubella, viral hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza type B is mandatory. In late May, the Institute of Public Health announced that last year there had been a decline of vaccination among children born in 2014. This applies particularly to the MMR vaccine. The latest reports show that this vaccine is not rejected, but only postponed.

Negative attitude of parents towards immunisation was caused by the campaigns according to which MMR vaccines cause autism. The Institute stated that parents are largely waiting for their children to turn two or three years and develop a stable talk. However, experts have repeatedly pointed out that the only thing that MMR vaccine and autism have in common is merely the second year of the child.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro