40,3% for the DPS and 9,4% for the DF

Montenegro’s entry into NATO currently supports 42.1 percent of the population, according to research agency Damar. The Damar agency conducted the survey in the period from 1 to 6 September 2015, for the purposes of Positive Montenegro.

Asked whether Montenegro should join NATO, 42.1 percent of respondents answered positively, 38.7 percent negativly, while 19.3 percent had no particular opinion on this subject.

Regarding question “Would you vote to join the NATO alliance in a referendum if it was a condition of accession to the European Union”, 46.2 percent of the respondents answered positively, 37.2 percent said they would not, while 16, 6 percent had no particular opinion, reports the Dnevne Novine.

According to the survey, among political parties in Montenegro best ranking has Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) supported by 40.3 percent of the population. The strongest opposition party is Miodrag Lekic’s Demos, supported by 10.2 percent of the population.

Behind the Demos are Aleksa Becic’s Democrats that are supported by 10.1 percent of the Montenegrin population. The Democratic Front follows supported by 9.4 percent of voters.

Socialist People’s Party is supported by 6.9 percent of the population, the Bosniak Party by 5per cent and the Social- Democratic Party by 3.8 per cent. The Positive Montenegro now enjoys the support of 3.6 percent of voters, and the Civic Movement URA 3.5.

Below the threshold are Ivan Brajovic’s newly formed party Social Democrats with the support of 2.4 percent, Fatmir Djeko’s Democratic Party, supported by 1.5 percent of the population, and Montenegrin Democratic Union with the support of 1.1 percent.

Other parties had less than one percent of supporters.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro