50 doctors are coming back after specialization



The Minister of Health, Kenan Hrapovic, said that the goal of the sector which he leads, is to raise the standards of employees in the healthcare system and the quality of health care of the citizens of Montenegro. He announced that 50 doctors will return to the KCCG after specialization next year.

In an interview in the Morning Program on Television of Montenegro, Hrapovic said that such plans were implemented in a systematic way. In order to reach that systematic way, as he said, they had to do detailed analysis of the health system, which showed deficiencies.

“Equipping healthcare institutions with modern medical equipment is in progress. When I say that, we have scanned what is missing in terms of equipment,” Hrapovic said, stating that they wanted to improve the technical and technological conditions, but also to obtain modern diagnostics .

Hrapovic also says he hopes for a better rating in this year’s European Health Report.

When it comes to the center for autism, Hrapovic said he was happy that the problem of spatial capacities was finally solved.

The Minister claims that the supply of medicines to pharmacies in Montenegro is regular.

“We have again networked private pharmacies in the healthcare system, our goal is to improve the accessibility and supply of medicines in Montenegro and we have succeeded in that,” Hrapovic believes.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro