6.000 national season workers in Montenegro

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The most popular jobs in the fields are jobs in the kitchen: cooks, bakers, butchers…

Employers have reported 20.015 available sports for this year, out of which 18.316 positions are for certain time period. More than a half are stationed in the coastal cities. The most positions are in tourism and hospitality, administrative and service activities and trade, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily writes.

Seasonal jobs entail work arrangements that last during the season.

“Still, we know from experience that a significant number of workers stay to work even after season, and some of them get contracts. It is a known fact that number of employers grows each season, with opening of new hotels and restaurants, which brings more job opportunities. Tourist season usually lasts six to eight months, but some manage to work all year, which means there is a possibility for workers to stay longer”, they said in ZZZCG.

In all the bureaus preparation activities have been finalized, through motivation and animation for the job.

People are least interested to work in agriculture. Conditions are difficult due to high temperatures and open air, so the citizens prefer to work on the coast. Around 6.000 citizens found season work this year.

Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued 7.465 work permits to foreign citizens. Most of them work in hospitality.

The most popular jobs are those that require high qualifications such as cooks, bakers, butchers…

A lot of unemployed showed interest to work in reception, administration, commercials.

Cooks can earn up to 1.500 EUR

The earnings depend on a work position. Some cooks earn 1.500 EUR a month, and that is certainly higher than waiters, bakers, who still earn more than help in hospitality.

Earnings wary from employer to employer. Some offer 200 EUR for maids, along with food and accommodation, while there are some who offer 400 EUR.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro