72 hours of detention for arrested

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Arrested in the “Primorka” affair have been detained for 72 hours, before being brought to investigative judge of the High Court in Podgorica, the Dnevne Novine newspaper reports.

According to the order of the Special Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday were arrested the Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities Refik Bojadzic, former member of the Board of Directors of the Electric Power Company Boris Buskovic, as well as ten other people who have been charged for involvement in the “Primorka” affair as members of a criminal organization.

This affair cost the state budget over four million Euros.

At the same time, the Special Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Predrag Stamatovic, the adviser at the Montenegrin Embassy in Brussels and Crtomir Mesaric, Slovenian national, former director of NLB Bank,.

Beside Nebojsa Boskovic, the owner of “Krizma” company, who is considered the organizer of the criminal organization, to the Special Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday were brought Vinko Markovic, Sonja Becovic, Sefik Kurtagic, Mitar Bajceta, Darko Konjevic, Irena Mijanovic, Biljana Boskovic and Vukica Perovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro