758 persons sought asylum this year

Since the beginning of this year, 758 people applied for asylum in Montenegro, of which three of them attained the status of refugees and, as they said in the Ministry of Interior (MUP), the reason for the small number of approved protection is that Montenegro is most often a transit country for asylum seekers.

During the last year, there were 2,312 persons seeking asylum in Montenegro. Ministry of Interior has approved only four protection – two refugee status to persons from Syria and two additional protection.

As the Ministry of Interior announced to MINA agency, additional protection is awarded in situations when in countries of origin, war is not formally in force, such as Nigeria, but it is estimated that return of asylum seekers to their country, would violate some of the basic human rights.

“The difference between refugee status and subsidiary protection is that in the first case, the status is permanently assigned, while in the second case, protection is determined for a period of one year, after which the situation in the country of origin is assessed, and depending on the circumstances, additional protection is reversed or extended for a period of six months”, it is explained from the Ministry of Interior.

Applicants for asylum in Montenegro, they said, mostly come from war-raging areas such as Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Congo, Gambia, and there have been individual cases of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Liberia and Yemen.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro