A car hit two girls at pedestrian crossing and hurtled them 10 meters away

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Dajana Motika-Raonic (19) and Milica Raonic (17) have been seriously injured when the Opel car, license plates PG GE 702, hit them at a crosswalk near Capital Plaza in Podgorica. Aleksandar Malisic drove the car.

The girls have been transported to the emergency unit of the national Clinical Centre.

According to information obtained by CDM, both of them are in critical condition. One of them is being subjected to a surgery, whereas the other is in intensive care department.

CDM’s photos show that the car stopped 15 meters from the pedestrian crossing and that the girls ended up further 10 meters away from the car.

There are blood traces on the street, as well as four scattered shoes.

The investigation is ongoing.

The line that goes from the roundabout near Capital Plaza toward Delta City is closed.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro