A consensus for call is near

The National Coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic said that there were positive information from Brussels, which confirmed that Montenegro would be invited for membership.

Garcevic said for daily ‘Pobjeda’ that the process of harmonization and consultation between the members of NATO was underway.

He said that this does not apply only to the decision on inviting Montenegro for membership, but also to other decisions that NATO should bring at the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the 1st and 2nd December.

Garcevic stated that he could not say exactly when the decision on Montenegro would be adopted i.e. whether they will wait until the meeting on 1 December.

“However, I have the impression that harmonization will be completed before the end of this week. There are positive information from Brussels, which confirm our optimism. We are close to a consensus. I expect that Montenegro will be invited for membership,” Garcevic said .

He also says that these days in Montenegro there are some malicious interpretation, which, as he says, almost gloat that the tragedy in Paris happened because that would postpone the invitation to Montenegro.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro