A detective from Italy traced Jovanovic’s killers?

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Special State Prosecutor’s Office formed a case in order to check allegations from the report drawn up by a private detective, which contains information on the murder of Dan newspaper editor in chief Dusko Jovanovic in 2004.

The new preliminary investigation was launched after the MP for the Democratic Front (DF) Koca Pavlovic said two days ago that an independent detective investigation showed that Italian mafia Sacra Corona Unita killed Jovanovic and that Giuseppe Giordano (who killed an Italian mafia boss in Bar) pulled the trigger. Pavlovic does not know who initiated the investigation, but he assumes that Jovanovic family might have done that. However, he is sure that the conclusions of the investigation were submitted to the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office three months ago and that prosecutors should be asked what they had done related to the case.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office yesterday announced that the case was formed because of the reports submitted to the prosecutor’s office, drawn up by a private investigator and that preliminary investigation was ongoing. It added that for the time being additional information cannot be disclosed in the interest of the ongoing process.

“At the same time, we note that any public disclosure of information related to any case may jeopardise the process. The prosecutor’s office timely publishes all information that may be available at a certain stage of the process. Everything else represents interfering with the work of competent state bodies”, the prosecutor’s office stated.

Based on information that the report was prepared by a private detective, Dnevne Novine newspaper contacted Vladan Pavicevic, a private detective from Podgorica, who is son in law of the late Jovanovic. He said that he had nothing to do with the report.

“It was a research agency or authorised persons under the authority of a state ministry, which enforce the laws of their country. Every country in the European Union has the right to send its detectives and to implement relevant investigation upon its request, as well to prepare a report on it. Such a report has been submitted to the prosecutor’s office, which will check the allegations”, said Pavicevic.

Dusko Jovanovic was killed in an ambush on 27 May 2004 in front of the Dan newsroom. He was shot from a moving car. Damir Mandic is convicted of complicity and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Branko Andjelic, one of Damir Mandic’s attorneys, told Dnevne Novine that he was not surprised by the outcome of the investigation, since he was convinced that his client was unjustly convicted.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro