A dime for tax debtors

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New Finance Minister Rasko Konjevic ordered reassessment of the payments from the budget for legal entities or companies that are high tax debtors.

“It was observed that the amounts of tens and even hundreds of thousands of Euros from budget were recklessly paid to legal entities that owe to the state large sums of taxes and this practice will be reviewed,” said in a statement the Ministry of Finance for Pobjeda.

From the Ministry explained that the authorization for payments up to 10,000 Euros was given to the relevant Director-General.

“For amounts above 10,000 Euros payment orders, in accordance with the law, signs the finance minister,” learns Pobjeda in response to question whether it is true that the minister stopped payments over 10,000 Euros without his signature.

From this Government department it was reported that payments from the budget are regular according to the dynamics of inflow of funds.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro