A German citizen tried to bribe a police officer in Danilovgrad

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Basic state prosecutor in Podgorica Danka Ivanovic Djeric ordered 72 hour retention to Gerhad Dura, a foreigner who is suspected of giving a bribe to a policeman, Dnevne Novine newspaper carried.

According to information obtained by the newspaper, Dura was arrested on 27 August on Podgorica-Danilovgrad regional road, after police stopped him because of a traffic offense he committed. Then he approached the police vehicle and threw €50 in it, hoping the police officers will let him go unpunished.

However, the officers immediately informed competent authorities on the incident and handcuffed Dura, who was sent to the basic state prosecutor on the same day. The prosecutor defined the offence as bribery. After that Dura will be sent to the competent investigative judge of the Basic Court and he will decide on the further detention.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro