A growing number of Montenegrin citizens



Since the beginning of the year hundreds of people have renounced the Montenegrin citizenship, while more than 860 thousand persons have Montenegrin citizenship.

The Interior Ministry gave this information to portal Antena M.

“From the beginning of the year to 8 August, a total of 401 person has acquired Montenegrin citizenship by naturalization, and on the basis of origin 5,418 people have been registered in the register of citizens, which amounts to a total of 5819 persons,” the Interior Ministry announced.

They also announced following:

“After examining the register of Montenegrin citizens – computer-driven database, it was found that on 8 August there are 860,430 persons with Montenegrin citizenship.”

Montenegrin citizenship is acquired by origin, birth in the territory of Montenegro, admission and under international treaties and agreements.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro