A man from Pljevlja who was hiding 131kg of skunk in his apartment surrendered

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Stanisa Andjelic (43) from Pljevlja surrendered to the police in Podgorica yesterday, Dnevne Novine newspaper reported. Three days ago 131kg of skunk was found in his rented apartment in the Dzan street near the main bus station in Podgorica.

After Andjelic was questioned, he has been remanded in prison for 72 hours. Within that period he will be questioned by an investigation judge who will decide on Andjelic’s further detention. He is charged with the criminal offense of unauthorised production, possession and distribution of narcotics.

On 27 September 2016, the officers of the anti-narcotics police division raided the apartment used by Andjelic and managed to break the narcotics supply chain, which went from Albania via Montenegro to the neighbouring countries.

“The apartment in Podgorica which was rented by Andjelic, was searched and police officers found several sack, suitcases and plastic bags that contained a total of 131 packages with the content of green matter that is suspected to be marijuana, skunk type. The total weight of the found drug was about 131 kilogram. The suspect’s house in Pljevlja was also searched and police found three illegally possessed rifles. The criminal charges against Andjelic on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons and explosive substances will be prosecuted to the competent prosecutor in the regular procedure”, the Police Directorate announced.

The seazed skunk was sent to the Forensic Centre for analysis.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro