A man from Podgorica fought for Russia during the war in Ukraine?

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Montenegrin police filed criminal charges against M.B. (26) from Podgorica to the Higher State Prosecutor in Podgorica yesterday. M.B. is suspected of participating in foreign armed forces. He is already in the Institute for the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS), serving a prison sentence for attempted murder.

At the end of 2014, M.B. departed from Montenegro to Russia and then went to Ukraine, where he joined the armed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in 2015 and took part in the armed conflict that took place at the territory of Ukraine.

The suspect stayed in the foreign battlefield until 23 October 2015 when he was arrested when entered the territory of the Russian Federation on an international warrant issued by Interpol Podgorica. He was wanted in order to serve a three-year prison sentence for committing attempted murder.

“After the arrest in Russia, the extradition proceedings were concluded and the suspect M. B. was handed over to Montenegro. He is in ZIKS now serving the prison sentence”, the Police Directorate stated.

Montenegrin police had previously arrested Hamid Beharovic (38) from Ulcinj, on suspicion that he had committed the same offense – participation in foreign armed forces.

>>> Montenegrin citizen arrested under suspicion that he participated in Syria war <<<

In 2015, he departed from Montenegro to Syria via Turkey. There he joined the foreign terrorist organisation Islamic State in which he spent more than a year.

He was arrested after he entered Montenegro and taken over to the Special State Prosecutor in Podgorica.

That was the first case of arrest and filing criminal charges against a Montenegrin citizen, on suspicion of committing this crime.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro