A man introduced himself as a DF’s activist and collected signatures for Lekic

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Democratic Front accused Miodrag Lekic’s Demos yesterday of fraud when collecting signatures for verifying party’s candidates list. In a message posted on the official Facebook page of the Democratic Front “Sloboda Trazi Ljude” (Freedom Requires People) it was said that Demos’ activist Filip Jokic collected signatures falsely introducing himself as a DF’s activist.

“A Demos’ activist has been caught in an attempt of deceiving voters. Young activist Filip Jokic has recently been active on the ground, collecting signatures for this ruling party. However, due to low voter turnout, the young activist came up with the idea to collect the signatures for the ruling Demos by falsely introducing himself as an activist of the opposition DF. In this way, a brutal foul has been made before the election game started”, DF said in a statement, Pobjeda carried.

According to the Law on Election, in order for a candidates list to be verified and submitted, it must be supported by signatures of 0.8% of the total electorate, ie by about 4,200 voters. The new provisions allow collecting the signatures on the ground.

“Although inexperienced, the young activist has clearly recognised DF’s power and popularity among voters, who “return home” on a daily basis, ie to real opposition that will economically recover Montenegro after 16 October”, it was said in the message.

Demos said that DF’s allegations were frivolous.

“These are false and frivolous accusations. It is true that DF is offering our members to be interviewers for a certain wage”, a source of Demos told Pobjeda.

Media conflicts between the two political groups have been going on for days and they have been intensified after Demos decided to stay in the government of electoral trust.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro